ACF Fiorentina statement

ACF Fiorentina statement

27/07/2020 19:54

ACF Fiorentina can confirm that no appeal has been made regarding the second penalty awarded to AS Roma in the Roma v Fiorentina match on Sunday evening.

After detailed analysis, the club believes that there is no chance of such an appeal being successful.

This is in light of the fact that the referee has absolute discretion over the application of the current rules, including the VAR protocol. In the case of Roma v Fiorentina, this resulted in the referee deciding not to make recourse to the technology, which would have been able to correct what we believe – and what many in the game believe – to have been an error of judgement in assessing the move.

The club will continue to advocate for dialogue between the various authorities in the world of football to bring about clearer, more uniform rules as soon as possible, thus minimising the margin for error.

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