Club statement

Club statement

08/06/2015 20:41

ACF Fiorentina views the recent actions undertaken by head coach Vincenzo Montella as a clear attempt to get out of a contract he signed less than two years ago because it includes a clause that he no longer holds to be in his interest, although he agreed to it at the time.

It is therefore with great regret that we must recognise that the trust required to continue our relationship together has been lost and, for the good of the club, we have little option other than to relieve Vincenzo Montella of his duties.

This sudden situation naturally causes organisational problems which we must now resolve as a matter of urgency.

We would have expected to see the coach behave in a clearer, more respectful and less ambiguous manner towards the club and the fans that have given him so much.

Florence, 8 June 2015

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