Commisso and Montella in New York

Commisso and Montella in New York

15/06/2019 00:30

Following Vincenzo Montella's confirmation as Fiorentina head coach on Friday, president Rocco Commisso gave Montella and Fiorentina a very special welcome from New York.

The club owner had arranged for a huge Fiorentina logo with his and the coach's names to be shown on the giant NASDAQ display in Times Square.

"He's an energetic and entertaining president. I'm very enthusiastic," Montella told Sky Sport Italia, speaking directly from Manhattan.

Commisso said: "We hugged and then I told him that in 1962, before setting off for the States by boat, I had the best pasta with clams of my life in Naples. I've never forgotten that meal and how it satisfied my hunger. Now I hope Vincenzo can satisfy Florence's hunger and my hunger for football."

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