Corvino underlines end-of-season targets

Corvino underlines end-of-season targets

18/03/2017 12:29

Fiorentina technical director Pantaleo Corvino and captain Gonzalo Rodriguez spoke at a press conference on Saturday to underline the team's objectives for the remainder of the season.

Corvino began: "Football is a results business so when you see that certain targets are no longer attainable, you start to evaluate things.

"The fans do it by expressing their disappointment. The media do it – and start talking more about the future than the present. But those of us who have games to play every weekend need to focus on doing our jobs properly during the week – and we all know how important that is if you want a result at the weekend.

"As a club, we've obviously analysed things with the coach and with the players. It's important for us to evaluate things. What are our conclusions?

"We went a round further than last year in the Coppa Italia and then we were knocked out by Napoli, in Naples, 1-0.

"We narrowly went out of the Europa League too, after being 45 minutes away from going through with a three-goal advantage. But that too is a target we haven't been able to reach.

"Now we're left with the league and we have ten games left to play. We have seven points to make up but it's doable in ten games. You achieve your targets if you believe you can achieve them. And in football in order to do so you need three key components: the club, the players and the fans.

"We realise the fans are disappointed so we can't ask anything of them. We have to win them over again – that's what we've said to ourselves. We can do that by trying to edge closer, game by game, to the third objective that any club like Fiorentina sets itself every season. We've made a pact together to try and do everything we possibly can to catch the sides ahead of us. We must do that to win back our fans.

"This is what I think, what the club thinks, what our coach thinks and what Gonzalo thinks, who represents the team."

Gonzalo Rodriguez added: "We must stick together for these last ten games. We players know we have to play each one as if it were the last and ensure we end the season well. The club, coach and players need to be united for the good of Fiorentina and for our fans. We need to live in the here and now, taking each match as it comes and give our all to try and end the season on a high."

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