Mirallas on Fiorentina targets and dreams

Mirallas on Fiorentina targets and dreams

08/08/2018 19:48

Kevin Mirallas revealed his hopes and ambitions for the season ahead as he was unveiled to the media as a Fiorentina player.

Do you think you can hold down a regular starting spot given that all the media talk has been about a Fiorentina front three of Federico Chiesa, Giovanni Simeone and Marko Pjaca?

“I came here with the intention of playing and doing the very best I can. I don't pay much attention to what the papers say anyway. I just give my all in training and then it's up to the boss to pick the team.

“I've always played for clubs where there have been great players and lots of competition for places so I have no problem with that. If anything, it's an added incentive for me and the other guys here.”

What position do you prefer playing in?

“I do have a preference for playing on the left but I've played in lots of positions throughout my career and it's helped me fit in at different teams. Being able to play anywhere across the front line is an advantage.”

What dream would you like to achieve at Fiorentina?

“My dream is to win a trophy with a big club. I hope we can have a great season this year and I'd love it if we could win something.”

Is there a player you wanted to emulate when you were a kid?

“I used to really love watching Raul play, although I'm a different sort of player. He had an amazing career and I've always tried to take inspiration from him, both on and off the pitch.”

Have you spoken to any of your national team-mates who play in Italy about Serie A?

“I get on well with Radja Nainggolan and Dries Mertens especially because we've known each other since we were very young. I spoke to him a lot about Italy and he explained different things to me. He said that if I give my all on the pitch I'll receive a lot in return. Knowing that I'd be joining a club with passionate fans was one of the factors that helped my decision.”

Were you ever close to coming to Italy before?

“Fiorentina showed an interest in me two years ago but Everton wanted a lot of money at the time so it never came off, although I would have been happy if it had.

“Now I come here with lots of experience and I think I'm in my prime. I want to show everyone that I still have some very good seasons ahead of me.”

What do you know about Fiorentina and the players here?

“When I found out there was the chance to join I watched some of their matches from last year to see how the season went. I knew some of the lads already because there are lots of French players and now that I'm here I can see how much quality there is in this squad. They look to play good football and really press the opposition.

“It's good to feel your team-mates have confidence in you and they passed me the ball a lot in training this morning. That's always important when you arrive at a new club.”

What did you learn from your time at Everton and what do you bring to Fiorentina?

“I spent six years at Everton, five of which were excellent and only the last year was more difficult. Like in a relationship with a women, it's not always easy – you get harder times too. I thanked everyone when I left because they helped me greatly and I improved a lot.

“I join Fiorentina and Serie A as a much more mature player and I know what I have to do. Some people know me but I still have to prove myself in the eyes of many people and I'm very excited about the challenge.”

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