Pioli: "We must get everything right against Juve"

Pioli: "We must get everything right against Juve"

19/09/2017 15:58

Read what Stefano Pioli had to say to the media ahead of Wednesday's clash with Juventus.

What do Fiorentina need to do to get a result at a ground where nearly everyone loses?

“We'll have to get everything right. We must be on our game technically and tactically, and try and keep hold of the ball more than our opponents.”

What sort of improvement are you hoping to see from your team over the coming matches?

“We have to improve all areas, both in possession and when not in possession. We've picked up results recently and played well but we must continue to improve different aspects of our game.”

You've said that losing to Juventus on penalties in the cup final was the biggest disappointment of your career. Will you be looking to set the record straight tomorrow?

“No, that was the closest I've been to beating Juventus but what's past is past. The present is all that matters and in the present we have an improving team that must try to impose themselves against a very good side tomorrow.”

Is Paulo Dybala Juve's biggest threat?

“Clearly he's Juve's form player – the numbers don't lie. He's an exceptional player but it would be wrong to focus on him alone because Juventus have lots of dangerous options in attack. We must to try and cut off the supply line as much as possible by staying very alert when not in possession.”

Do you regret not being able to convince Federico Bernardeschi to stay at the club?

“No, I don't because the situation was clear when I joined. He's a top-quality player but I have lots of other top-quality players who will turn out for Fiorentina tomorrow.”

Do you think the youthful abandon your team are playing with will work to your advantage in the long run?

“The advantage of having a young side is that they're high on enthusiasm and low on pressure. The result is they all work very hard and give it absolutely everything, which is exactly what we'll do tomorrow.”

What does Cyril Thereau add to the team, given that you've won both games since he joined?

“He has a lot of Serie A experience for a start. He knows when to come short, when to make a dart into the box and he occupies the space well. He also offers us the long-ball option when our opponents press us high up the pitch because he's handy in the air. But I don't think us winning the last two matches was down to him along but rather our overall improvement as a team.”
What mistake do you not want your team to make?

“We must play with confidence while maintaining our identity, our ideas and our positions. I think the key when you come up against great teams is keeping hold of the ball when you win it back. The start will be very important too because Juventus normally come racing out of the blocks and we must be ready for that.”

Is Juve's defence their weak spot this season?

“They've only played two home games so far and they won both of them 3-0. They conceded at Genoa but Juventus are strong in all areas and they defend as a unit with everyone weighing in. That's something we can learn from ourselves and something we're working on.”

When will Riccardo Saponara be ready to play?

“We'll have him in the squad with us for the first time and I'm delighted he's recovered. Clearly he's not at the same level as the others yet but it was good to see him get minutes under his belt with the Primavera. Slowly but surely we'll get him back up to full fitness with the first team.”

Do the new players understand what this game means to Florence and Fiorentina?

“Of course they do. We talk about it, the players talk about it among themselves and they live and breathe the city so they know exactly what this game is about. There's no questioning our motivation for this one. We'll pull out all the stops to ensure we produce a top performance.”

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