Rocco Commisso comment after the Roma match

Rocco Commisso comment after the Roma match

26/07/2020 23:35

This is what club president Rocco Commisso had to say following tonight's match against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico:

"There are rules to the game and if the referee touches the ball and influences play he has to stop the game and then put the ball back into play again. I'd like someone to explain to us this latest situation where someone has decided not to apply the rules.

"Once again, like when VAR wasn't used, we're unable to fathom what criteria are used and why the same rules and technology can't be used for everyone. Italian football can't keep on getting itself into situations like this. Something has to be done quickly and we need urgent solutions.

"I don't want to add anything else but I can't keep quiet when I feel people are making a mockery of me, my players and our fans. Everyone saw what happened tonight so this time I'll let others comment on it."

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