Vergine: "This is reward for the effort we’ve put in"

Vergine: "This is reward for the effort we’ve put in"

14/10/2018 17:54

Fiorentina Women’s FC CEO Vincenzo Vergine hailed the Viola’s Italian Super Cup win on Saturday night while crediting the club with helping to fuel the development of the sport in Italy.

"This is the reward for the effort put in by Fiorentina – we were the first in Italy to show our belief in this," he said. "We prepared the ground for a change in the sport and now we’re seeing amazing crowds and a level of organisation worthy of a high-level professional competition."

Vergine also thanked the team at Fiorentina for their efforts in clinching the trophy.

"We’re proud,” he said. "I want to thank the president of Fiorentina, who suffered with us until the last minute, and all the staff that worked behind the scenes to make this victory possible. We have a fantastic group and tonight is the product of all the hard work of everyone at the club. We dedicate it to Davide Astori, who is following us from up there and is always in our thoughts."

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