Cincotta demands more despite big win

Cincotta demands more despite big win

21/09/2018 21:40

Fiorentina Women’s FC coach Antonio Cincotta stressed that his team still has plenty of room for improvement despite a thumping 6-1 win over Atalanta on Friday.

"We’re not completely satisfied," said the coach, speaking after the game. "We will have a rest day tomorrow and then on Sunday we’ll need to look at a few things. You can’t miss seven chances to score – and I’m not just referring to the strikers, but to everyone. Lots of players got into goalscoring positions today. Maybe we need to work on our finishing. A 6-1 win suggests we did well in front of goal – but no, I’m not satisfied."

Cincotta did praise the Viola for the way they switched their focus from the Champions League in midweek to the very different challenge posed by Atalanta in Serie A.

"I want to underline the fact that we’ve played two games in a short space of time against two teams with completing opposing tactical styles," he said. "Fortuna Hjorring have a very good pressing game, while Atalanta are strong at hanging back and restricting the space. We saw that today, particularly in the first half. I think the girls showed great tactical flexibility. We’re really proud of that, having worked hard on it during the week. It’s something we need to build on as we look to create a more successful team for the future."

Speaking about the upcoming return leg against Fortuna Hjorring, the Fiorentina coach insisted that his side still face a tough task in getting through to the next round, despite having a 2-0 lead from the home leg.

"It will be difficult," he said. "We’re playing away from home against an incredibly physical side. We’ve spoken about that and are aware of it. We need to raise the bar – we’re not doing well enough in front of goal and we weren’t decisive enough on the goal we conceded. Mistakes happen but we don’t want these kinds of errors because they’re things we can work on."

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