#OneTeam, Ohrstrom on superstitions, the No.87 jersey and her time in Italy

#OneTeam, Ohrstrom on superstitions, the No.87 jersey and her time in Italy

14/11/2019 15:43

Stephanie Ohrstrom took part in our #OneTeam Q&A session alongside men’s first-team goalkeeper Bartlomiej Dragowski on Thursday, answering questions sent in by fans in a live social media broadcast.

There were plenty of questions sent in for both keepers, with Ohrstrom touching on everything from her pre-match rituals to her reasons for choosing the No.87 jersey and her time in Italy so far.

We’ve picked out a few of the best questions below.

How long have you lived in Italy?

“I’ve been here for nine years – it doesn’t feel like it but I found a few photos the other day and realised it was. Time flies! This is my fourth year here in Florence and I love playing for this club.”

What’s the secret to becoming a successful goalkeeper?

“I think in order to become a goalkeeper it needs to be something that comes to you naturally from a young age. You can’t be afraid and you have to enjoy being in a position of responsibility. It’s also another way of moving compared with an outfield role. Like everyone, you have to work hard every day to improve.”

Who did you support growing up?

“I supported Trelleborg, my hometown club. At the time they were in the top division and we used to have a Polish goalkeeper, so he was my first goalkeeping idol. His name was Ryszard Jankowski. I think he only made two appearances for the national team but as a young girl of six or seven, he was the first goalkeeper I’d seen so he became someone I looked up to.”

Is it important for goalkeepers to be good with their feet?

“Definitely. In the last ten years it’s become very important for goalkeepers to be like an extra defender and help the defence.”

Who do you get on best with in the Fiorentina dressing room?

“It’s not easy to pick just one! There’s definitely a special bond between the goalkeepers, because you’re always working closely together. One player that exudes positivity and happiness is Paloma [Lazaro], who joined this season. She’s great to have around the dressing room.”

Why did you opt for the No.87 jersey?

“When I joined Fiorentina the No.1 was taken and I didn’t like the No.11, so I looked for another number and the No.87 matches my year of birth – that’s the only reason really! Then in my first year we won the Scudetto, so it made sense to keep it!”

Are you superstitious?

“The goalkeeping coach always laughs at this. I don’t have one specific thing but I like everything to be just so. In training the balls have to be set out in a particular way… I have lots of things I like to do to help me relax.”

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