Fiorentina Women’s Football Club was founded in July 2015 and unveiled to the media on 18 August, as ACF Fiorentina set itself the ambitious objective of taking an active, direct role in the development of women’s football in Italy. 

The overarching goal of the club is to contribute to the growth of a sport that already has a huge following around the world (18 million registered female players in the United States, one million in Germany, 90,000 in England), yet is still rather under-developed in Italy, with just 20,000 female players registered.

Fiorentina have thus decided to set the wheels of change in motion by buying a Serie A women’s football team and bringing it under its direct management, with the aim of inverting the prevailing indifference towards the women’s game in Italy.

As part of a wider club strategy designed to promote women’s football and diversity in general, Fiorentina decided to accept the challenge of promoting the women’s game in Italy from the inside, working in close collaboration with the Lega Serie A.

It means that ACF Fiorentina are the first professional football club in Italy to have a women’s team in Serie A. This is no marketing ploy whereby the women’s side merely uses the Fiorentina logo; Fiorentina Women’s Football Club is a fully fledged team in its own right, equipped with the ACF Fiorentina mentality and determined to make a significant impact on the growth of this wonderful sport in Italy.