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Fiorentina Onlus Foundation

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The Fiorentina Olus Foundation was born on July 7th 2008, from Fiorentina’s desire to actively commit itself to the aid and protection, through stable and dedicated structures, of people in need, who are living in some of the more deprived social conditions.

The Foundation works primarily for the defence of a person’s basic rights, focusing particularly on ill children who live in poverty and difficult situations. The Foundation also operates to spread a positive sporting culture, particularly amongst young people, and to safeguard and value the cultural and artistic heritage of the Tuscany region and of the city of Florence.    

The institution of the Fiorentina Foundation was linked to the Artemio Franchi Memorial, the charity football match between Fiorentina and Barcelona organized on July 30th 2008, which commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of the former Florentine sporting director. As well as donating the entire revenue from ticket sales to the charity, the game was characterized by the total absence of sponsors and commercial messages, which were replaced by messages advocating fair-play, anti-racism and social solidarity, all values that are important to Fiorentina, UEFA and Barcelona.