CHAIRMAN COGNIGNI “Jovetic tearing his shirt apart represents the spirit of the group”



“Jovetic tearing his shirt apart after missing a goal is the best way to represent the current spirit of the Fiorentina team that is about to kick-start a new season, a very important one. On a summer day taken over by a heat wave that made playing football impossible, we saw the right battling spirit and the desire to emerge, in line with the expectations of the Club and the true fans. From the very first minute, we have witnessed a notable commitment, a confirming evidence that the sense of belonging to the team which is the foundation of the Pact with the City presented last July has been understood and assimilated. The behaviour of the team is the living proof of a project based, not just on individual qualities, but also on values, principles, that can ensure the achievement of future results.
The Club has really appreciated the fans’ behaviour, who didn’t fear the impossible weather and stayed  behind the team while promptly silencing the unmotivated screams  of those few tens of usual suspects who tried to ruin the festive atmosphere.
It was a good way to start again together. ACF Fiorentina wants to carry on down this way: with all those players who have shown with their words and actions to fully commit to a common project and to own the passion of the Viola people. The Club does not intend to sell, nor to dispose off, any of its champions. Whoever wants to stay and wears with pride the Viola shirt and all that it represents will stay with us. Instead, for those who will show not believing in our future, it is evident that they will not be able to be part of a group determined to accomplish major sport results, even through values such as ethic, solidarity, loyalty and cohesion that are the foundations of our behaviour”.

A press statement given by our Executive Chairman Cognigni after the Viola successful seasonal debut in Italian Cup.

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