People with Disabilities

Supporters with Disabilities

Access to the Stadio Franchi for fans with disabilities (Law 104/92)

ACF Fiorentina accommodates spectators with a degree of incapacity between 80% and 100%, regardless of whether they are ambulant or use a wheelchair.

How to buy your ticket and access the stadium

If you have a disability, you can attend a match by:

Purchasing a Special-Rate Season Ticket (which includes entry for your Personal Assistant) for certain areas of the stadium. This is subject to availability and you must follow the instructions indicated in the Season Ticket Promotion Campaign.

Completing a request form for a Special-Rate Ticket (which includes entry for your Personal Assistant) on the Monday or Tuesday before the game you wish to attend (before Friday if the game is mid-week). The form must be sent to Mr Alessandro Nelli either by e-mail at HYPERLINK "", or by fax on +39 055 5030161. If your request is accepted, you will be sent a self-declaration form that must be completed, signed and returned following the instructions. In your form you must state your disability, degree of incapacity and address.


The requests described in point B regarding Special-Rate Tickets for disabled supporters and their Personal Assistants can only be authorised at Fiorentina’s Official Ticket Office in Via Settesanti 28 (on the corner of Via Giovanni Duprè).

There are a limited number of seats for supporters with disabilities for reasons of security and restricted access as well as the need for ease of movement for all fans within the stadium. Please note that 5/6 authorisations can be made per season for Special-Rate Tickets, subject to availability.

If there are no allocated spaces available, in accordance with Law 67/2006, supporters with disabilities can purchase full price tickets if necessary.

Wheelchair users can only purchase full price tickets for the Parterre di Maratona and Parterre di Tribuna sectors of the stadium as the Maratona (T12) and Tribuna (T18) are the only areas adapted for the necessary access. Access to these areas is on the condition that the supporter has previously advised the club of the alphanumeric ‘sigillo fiscale’ (unique ticket code) printed on the ticket, which can be done via fax on 055 5030161. Without this information we cannot guarantee access to dedicated areas, which will be at the stewards’ discretion and dependant on the stadium’s operational situation at the time.


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