Rules and regulations

Ground Regulations

The Stadio Artemio Franchi Sporting Complex in Florence is dedicated to sport and entry is for the sole purpose of supporting your own team. No racial, ethnic, territorial or religious discrimination or violence of any form will be tolerated. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy a day of entertainment in complete peace.

General Rules

In this document, words and phrases shall mean as follows:

Sporting Complex or Ground includes all the areas belonging to, occupied by or used by ACF Fiorentina SpA, together with external areas reserved for the Club.
Club means ACF Fiorentina SpA. 
Event or Match includes any football Event from Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Tim CUP and Coppa Italia Lega Pro, as well as international competitions and friendly matches that are held in the Stadio Artemio Franchi, organised and overseen by ACF Fiorentina SpA.

ACF Fiorentina SpA is the organising body responsible for selling and distributing entrance tickets.

On purchasing a ticket, it is the ticket holder’s obligation to check for possible errors and/or omissions; ACF Fiorentina SpA’s holds no responsibility for possible errors shown on the ticket itself. The Event to which the ticket holder is entitled entry will be held at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, 4. Viale Manfredo Fanti, Florence.

The ticket holder agrees to read and accepts all the points laid out in the Ground Regulations, which can be found in full on ACF Fiorentina’s official website (, with summaries located at the entrances to the Ground. The main points are as follows:

• Entry to the Ground for a football Match, to which a ticket holder is entitled, is governed by the Ground Regulations; the ticket holder fully and unconditionally agrees to adhere to them;
• Noncompliance with these Ground regulations entails the immediate annulment of the agreement, and the subsequent removal of the offender from the Ground as well as an administrative fine of between 100 and 500 euro. If the offender has already been fined during that football season for the same violation of the Ground Regulations, even if it took place at another Ground, the fine may be increased by a further 250 euro and the offender may be banned from future sporting Events;
• Entry to the Ground requires the spectator to be in possession of a valid identity document, which must be presented to the stewards upon request in order to verify that the spectator is the valid ticket holder;
• The spectator agrees to be searched by stewards and law enforcement officers and to the use of metal detectors in order to prevent illicit, illegal and/or dangerous items from being introduced into the Ground, and comply with the instructions given by stewards; by purchasing or holding a ticket for entry to the Ground, the ticket holder thereby authorises the Club to carry out checks and searches on people and their bags or belongings, and to refuse entry to the Ground or eject from the Ground anyone who refuses to be searched.
• Tickets are for personal use only. They will be issued only once the purchaser has registered his/her personal details and cannot be sold to third parties except in the situations that are provided for by the Club’s regulations; 
• Ticket holders must keep their tickets on their person until after they have exited the Ground and present them to the stewards for inspection upon request. Any ticket sold illegally will be confiscated by stewards, club officials and/or security personnel;
• The ticket holder has the right/duty to occupy the seat allocated to them by their ticket and/or season ticket and therefore, the ticket holder agrees not to sit elsewhere, unless it has been expressly authorised by the Club. Tickets holders found occupying seats other than that allocated by their ticket may be ejected from the Ground; 
• ACF Fiorentina SpA have a system of video surveillance in use to record images and audio in and around the Ground;
• The Club excludes any liability for loss, injury or damage to persons/property unless the incident is not directly a result of its negligence;
• No guarantees can be given by the Club that a Match will take place at a particular time or on a particular date and the Club reserves the right to reschedule the Match without notice and without any liability whatsoever; in the case of a postponement, cancellation or closure of some or all of the areas of the Ground, the ticket holder will be reimbursed under the terms agreed on purchasing the ticket. The Club has no further obligation beyond reimbursing the ticket, nor any responsibility for any ticket, cause or action. The reimbursement or replacement of a ticket can only be made on the presentation and therefore return of said ticket.

Prohibited Acts

In accordance with the current sporting rules and regulations in force, anyone refusing to undergo security checks, including alcohol tests, will be denied entry to the Ground. The following acts are prohibited and are punishable by the current rules and regulations in force, unless specifically recognised as necessary by the Public Security Services. In and around the Ground, it is explicitly prohibited to:

• Enter or attempt to enter the Ground without holding a valid ticket, as provided for by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) 6/6/05;
• Stand in and around entrances and exits, along gangways, entry or exit routes, and any escape routes without justifiable motive, or enter or attempt to enter any areas to which spectators are not generally admitted.
• Loiter without excuse or justifiable motive in entrances or exits, along gangways or corridors throughout the Ground;
• Climb and/or jump over any structures in the Ground (L. 401/89, Art. 6b, Para. 2);
• Wear clothing or a disguise that covers the face. Such an act constitutes a criminal offence;
• Act or attempt to act in a way that could endanger other people or cause damage; invade or attempt to invade the field of play or prohibited areas;
• Destroy, damage, tamper, disfigure, graffiti or improperly use buildings, structures or other public or private fittings inside the Ground;
• Enter or attempt to enter the Ground whilst intoxicated or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances;
• Introduce or attempt to introduce, possess or take substances that may alter normal behaviour and/or enter the Ground under their influence (for example, whilst intoxicated); introduce, attempt to introduce or possess poisons, harmful substances, flammable or destructive items, or drugs; • Introduce or attempt to introduce, sell, distribute (even free of charge), drinks in glass, plastic or tin containers in the Ground, unless the beverages are poured into light plastic or paper cups beforehand;
• Introduce or sell alcoholic beverages that are stronger than 5% by volume, except where certain dispensation has been given in particular areas at the discretion of the appropriate authority and the Chief Constable’s Office;
• Sell or distribute (even free of charge) food or drink contained in glass, plastic or tin containers. The supervised sale of drinks by authorised personnel is permitted, provided that they are served in light plastic or paper cups;
• Intimidate, coerce, insult, provoke or use any other threatening, aggressive or offensive behaviour towards other people (including other spectators, referees, players, stewards, workers and service staff in general);
• Express any form of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, or manifest any other form of intolerance with chants of written messages; • Enter or park, or attempt to do so, with any type of vehicle in areas not intended for that specific use;
• Conduct commercial or promotional activity, display promotional or marketing material, or collect donations, if not previously authorised or recognised by the safety and security legislation in force. Any materials or objects used in such activity will be confiscated;
• Throw rubbish, or any type of waste material, in areas not designated for rubbish collection;
• Wear bibs or items of clothing that could be confused with a steward’s uniform;
• Organise unauthorised choreography, or choreography that is different to that which has been authorised by the Gruppo Operativo per la Sicurezza (GOS – Operating Security Group) at the Club’s request;
• Engage in other activity that, in the opinion of the stewards, constitutes or may constitute a hindrance to the smooth running of the Match, or that may bother or pose a threat to other people.


It is strictly forbidden to bring any of the following items into the Ground unless previously authorised by stewards, the Public Security Services present at the Match and/or the GOS. This information can also be found on posters located throughout the Ground:

• Firearms or items used to cause injury or damage, such as: swords; knives; scissors; poisons; harmful, dangerous or flammable substances; drugs; explosives; smoke bombs; firecrackers; fireworks; gun powder; flares; torches; bengal lights; loud instruments; objects/systems that emit rays/beams (pointer sticks or laser pens); and other objects that could cause a disturbance or endanger all other people in the Ground;
• Stones, billiard/snooker balls, glass bottles, glass containers, cans, canisters, PET bottles with the lid on, frozen substances and anything else that could be thrown and cause damage or injury;
• Objects that could be used as a weapon, such as large flag poles, camera stands, clubs, hammers, screwdrivers, chains, etc.
• Video cameras; reflex cameras; interchangeable zoom lens or other accessories if not specifically authorised previously by the Club; medium-sized or large binoculars (small binoculars, like those used at the theatre, are permitted);
• Objects that impede the view of other spectators, or obstruct the emergency exit signs or the emergency exits towards the pitch and those that lead out of the Ground;
• Banners or any other similar item, including those for choreographed moments, if not expressly authorised by the Club and/or the GOS; signs; standards; weathercocks; banners; documents; designs; printed or written material that is not expressly authorised by the GOS at the Club’s request; any material containing political, ideological or religious propaganda, or any affirmation condoning or inciting violence, or anything that could affect the Match. Banners, signs, standards and anything aforementioned in this point, even if authorised, cannot be displayed in areas that have not been indicated by the Club and must be removed after the Event;
• Drums and other objects used to produce sound (for example, megaphones and trumpets);
• Alcoholic beverages of any kind that are stronger than 5% by volume, which are subject to more restrictive measures enforced by the authorities during sporting Events; it is also understood that, as provided for by articles 689 and 691 of the criminal code, it is illegal to supply alcohol to minors under the age of 16 and to someone who is intoxicated;
• Large and obtrusive personal belongings such as iceboxes, suitcases, motorcycle helmets, etc.;
• Bibs or clothing similar to the uniform worn by the stewards;
• Animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs.

Banners, Flags and Choreography

The follow regulations apply for banners and other similar items. You are allowed to bring and display banners containing writing and supportive messages for your team involved in the Match. To do so you must submit the relevant request to ACF Fiorentina via fax or e-mail at least 7 days before the Match in question. In your request, you must include your own personal details as well as information concerning:
• The object used for the display and its dimensions;
• The content and the design, supported by relevant photographic evidence;
• The sector of the Ground in which it will be used.
Similar regulations apply to flags (rectangular cloths, with one of its smallest sides attached to a pole, which must comply with existing regulations), subject to it only bearing the team colours of your own side and/or those of the countries represented on the pitch.

For choreography, in addition to what is specified above, you must describe the planned activity and state its duration, as well as assure that any activity will finish before kick-off.

The Club will inform the Head of the GOS and the Chief Constable’s Office who, after consulting with the appropriate bodies (the Fire Services and the Club’s Security Delegation), will give their consent up to a maximum of 5 days before the Event on the condition that:

• The person/people who has/have made the request to display the object or carry out the choreography is/are identified;
• The group involved does not contain one or more people who are banned from entering the Ground;
• The activity poses no threat to security and public order;
• The activity poses no threat to public safety and is not a fire hazard.

Consent can be given for the entire season. Consent can also be revoked subject to the wishes of the club that has granted authorisation, and if one or more members of the group is/are subject to a DASPO banning order, is/are held to account for episodes of drunkenness or has/have violated any of the points established in the Ground Regulations.
It is prohibited to display objects that impede the view of other spectators or prevent them from standing upright.
ACF Fiorentina, with whom the responsibility of verifying the particular object or activity ultimately rests, will communicate the result of the request in writing and include the following information:
• The entrance to which the authorised object must be taken at least 1 hour before gates are opened;
• The fact that the object will not be permitted into the Ground, even if it has been previously authorised, if it is brought to the Ground after the gates are open to the public;
• The areas where banners can be displayed, as dictated by the club, whose own staff will verify that the regulations are being adhered to;
• The punishment for displaying the object in a different area to that which has been authorised. The offender will be immediately ejected from the Ground and may then be banned from the Ground and have his/her permit to display his/her club’s banner revoked;
• The area to which the object must be presented after the Match. Once the public have left the Ground, the authorised object must be removed and taken to the area specified; the location will also be stated over the Ground’s loudspeakers.

Ejection from the Ground 

If the appropriate authorities deem that you are responsible for any of the following offences, you will be ejected from the Ground:

• Behaving with a violent, hurtful or offensive attitude;
• Directing any form of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination towards other spectators or the athletes in the Ground;
• Causing injury to other spectators or the athletes involved;
• Engaging in dangerous behaviour that compromises the safety and security of other spectators
• Not having a valid ticket
• Not being the valid holder of the ticket in your possession;
• Occupying gangways or exit ways;
• Displaying banners that are not authorised or have not been cleared at the entrance;
• Entering with prohibited items as stipulated by Law or the Ground Regulations,
• Being in possession of a ticket that has not been allocated to supporters of your team
• Contravening any of the Ground Regulations.

Further Warnings

The following also constitute offences: misrepresentation and covering one’s face; possessing a weapon or an object used as a weapon; displaying emblems and symbols of associations that discriminate or promote violence against others because of racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons; inciting violence during a Match; possessing, throwing and using dangerous items or fireworks; climbing on the Ground’s structures; and invading the pitch.
Anyone found to have committed a criminal offence or violated the Ground Regulations, whether it be in the area surrounding the Ground, whilst entering or departing the Ground, or inside the Ground itself, may be banned by the Club from attending all future matches.

The following acts constitute offences under Law No. 401 of 13 December 1989 and its subsequent amendments, and are punishable by the sanctions foreseen in said Law, which will see the offender banned from the Ground:

• Violating banning orders that restrict entry to the Ground.
• Throwing dangerous objects, climbing the Ground’s structures and invading the pitch during a sporting Event.
• Invading the pitch.
• Possessing fireworks during a sporting Event.
• Disrupting a sporting Event.

ACF Fiorentina SpA reserves the right to change the current rules with immediate effect, including those governing tickets that have already been purchased, as a consequence of legislative and/or administrative measures and/or reasons of Public Safety in general (for example, decisions made by the Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive – the National Observatory on Sports Events).

Data Protection Policy
The Ground is monitored by an audio and video surveillance system both inside and outside its premises. The information collected by the system is handled according to Italian legislative decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 and Ministerial Decree (D.M.) 06/06/2005; the recordings are to ensure public order and security, and are carried out pursuant to Article 13 of the decree with respect to the protection of personal details. The Club organising the Match is bound by Law to preserve the data and recordings for seven days after the Event (after which time they will be destroyed), and to make this information available to the authorities.
The handling of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the decree, respecting the rulings on data protection and the Decree of the Minister of the Interior from 6 June 2005; for this purpose, the person in charge of data protection is Mr. Sandro Mencucci.

ACF Fiorentina SpA


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