“Football is the art of compressing the entirety of history into 90 minutes …” (George Bernard Shaw) Fiorentina is offering its own partners the chance to join a unique network that will mutually benefit all those involved. To belong to Fiorentina’s world means much more than sharing a common passion; it means aligning one’s identity with a historic club that has helped shape football. Tradition, innovation, culture, charm, elegance, glory, sportsmanship and fair-play are only some of the many values that describe the club from Florence and distinguish it from others around the world; Viola partners derive great benefit from these principles. Through ad hoc projects, carried out in full cooperation with partners, Fiorentina organises flexible, functional and integrated solutions capable of satisfying the many needs of modern business. Fiorentina offers many partnership possibilities, for example:


Around the pitch


Around the pitch: pitch-side brand exposure puts your brand into the action itself, communicating with over 43 million passionate Italian fans. Promotional LED advertising boards around the pitch’s perimeter become the natural setting for the football match, creating a positive brand perception for the target audience and strengthening your business’ brand awareness. Careful planning of your brand’s presence and the promotional messages on these advertising tools makes a significant contribution to national brand recognition, and the use of animation further attracts spectators’ attention.

Fixed Advertising Boards


Fixed advertising boards: positioned immediately behind the LED modules around the pitch, fixed advertising boards have a significant impact and are a point of contact that ensures brand recognition for your business.

Big Screen


Big Screen: the ideal way to interact with fans inside the stadium is through audio and video messages on the big screen. It is a powerful, visible and location-based solution, perfect for supporting your national communication campaign. Furthermore, the big screen allows you to change the message and brand displayed according to your communication and marketing strategies (product policy, limited-time-only campaigns, seasonal activity, one-off events...).



Product Sampling, Leafleting and Tryvertising: with an average match attendance of more than 26,000, the Stadio Artemio Franchi is the ideal place to directly interact with a large and diverse target audience. Whether it be a simple promotional activity or a more complex communication support strategy, match-day is the perfect moment for you to interact with fans. Events & PR: Ad-hoc events at Fiorentina’s Stadium or Sporting Complex strengthen the link between business, club and local area, and benefit from the club’s high visibility. Taking advantage of the club’s structures will facilitate your business’ development in Italy and beyond with the added bonus of direct contact with the Viola’s star players.


ACF Fiorentina offers businesses the ultimate enjoyment package for sporting events, with its own hospitality partners providing a service of the highest quality.



Gbox: this private box has incredible views of the action and provides privacy and exclusivity without sacrificing the special atmosphere inherent to large events. A Gbox allows you and your guests to enjoy a unique experience and exclusive benefits, with a delicious buffet, reserved parking, a welcome service and courteous hospitality staff.

Lilium Club


Lilium Club: There’s no other location that allows you to discuss business opportunities, make contacts and form firm relationships in a relaxed, pleasant and engaging environment like the Lilium Club. It is the perfect place to enjoy the match-day experience in a charming and peaceful atmosphere.

Viola Lounge


Viola Lounge: Exquisite cooking, an unparalleled personalised service and a sought-after atmosphere: the Viola Lounge offers an unforgettable experience for every occasion, whether you’re treating your key clients or your loved ones. From your arrival at the stadium two hours before kick-off, ACF Fiorentina and its staff are at your service to make it an unforgettable day and be on hand for you and your guests from the buffet until the start of the game. Appetising snacks, both sweet and savoury, are available at the half-time break and after the game, allowing you to relax for more than just the 90 minutes of football.



Skyview: Just like at the theatre, Skyview gives you the chance to enjoy the game from a reserved balcony with luxury sofas and one of the best views in the entire stadium. Direct access to the Franchi’s internal car-park guarantees a unique experience that kicks off on your arrival. You can welcome guests and mingle with renowned businessmen and women in the Ridolfi area at the historic heart of the Stadio Artemio Franchi, where a delicious buffet is provided from before kick-off until an hour after the final whistle.