Primavera: Spirited Fiorentina go down 2-1 at Lazio



Emiliano Bigica’s Fiorentina Primavera side were beaten 2-1 at Lazio in their final game of 2019 on Saturday.

Lazio took the lead on 11 minutes after Bianchi curled home a fine free-kick, before things went from bad to worse for the Viola as Dalle Mura inadvertently diverted a Lazio cross into his own net for 2-0 on 20 minutes.

There was much optimism to be taken from the reaction that followed, however, as Fiorentina channelled all their efforts into getting themselves back into the game. Bigica’s youngsters did find the net through a Milani tap-in on 73 minutes, but were unable to score again to secure what would have been a well-deserved point.

Lazio 2-1 Fiorentina (HT: 2-0)
Scorers: Bianchi 11, Dalle Mura O.G. 20, Milani 73.

Lazio: Alia; Armini, Franco, Kalaj, Falbo; Bertini (Czyz 80), Bianchi, Shoti; Shehu (Ndrecka 64), Nimmermeer (Zilli 75), Moro.
Subs: Marocco, Peruzzi, De Angelis, Ndrecka, Czyz, Cesaroni, Russo, Zilli, Moschini.
Coach: Leonardo Menichini.

Fiorentina: Brancolini; Ponsi, Simonti (Pierozzi HT), Dutu, Fiorini (Gorgos 66), Dalle Mura, Pierozzi (Mignani 85), Bianco (Lovisa 80), Spalluto, Koffi, Kukovec (Milani HT).
Subs: Chiorra, Pierozzi, Chiti, Gelli, Gorgos, Guedegbe, Hanuljak, Lovisa, Fruk, Milani, Mignani.
Coach: Emiliano Bigica.

Yellow cards: Dalle Mura, Bianco, Shehu, Bianco, Gorgos, Shoti, Pierozzi, Ponsi, Falbo.
Referee: Marco Acanfora

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